Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas is coming...and so is the snow!

Hi! Well, it's official....Wal-Mart have their Christmas tree up on SR64 in Bradenton, Florida so Christmas must be coming!!!!! (I was just a little concerned when I saw the man swinging from a high ladder trying to attach the top of the tree to the rafters in Wal-Mart's roof, but no news of any accidents in the store so he must have been OK! It's a long way up there....meaning it's a very long way down!!!)

So, back to my story! When a custom order came into my Etsy store for snowy white Christmas gift tags, it spurred me into thinking "I need to get cracking!! (A very English saying for "get a move on!") Christmas will be here and you won't be ready!" (Note to self - Didn't think about it before that when you speak to yourself it gets put in speech marks when you blog it! Should I be concerned then that my own internal thinking is officially speaking to myself??? And as such, could be construed as weird?????? Need to find time to ponder on that one later!! With all that's going on between now and Christmas, I may have to stay "weird" until after Christmas!!)

Anyways, so I ran to my Cricut Design Studio package.....OK, I sat down in the leather chair at my PC and flicked a switch!.....and got creating! I set about creating a SNOW wordbook. Never done it before, but I love the look of those books! I couldn't decide whether to leave it plain or decorate looked so sad plain, so I got out my punches, embellishments and stickers and set to work! With the snowman under the transparency on the front, it looks as if he's really outside in the snow! With the frosted window effect I made over the inside of the letter O, if looks like a frosted window, all snowed up and chilly!! You can just imagine breathing on it and  causing the pane to frost over! There's prismatic snowflakes that shimmer and shine....there's tags for notes and journalling and photo mats for those treasured's a snowy delight! All you have to do is add your photos! Yay!

I'm so pleased with the result and wanted to share it with you. Here's some pictures:

I've just listed this on Etsy. Here's the link!

I'm so inspired, I'm off to do more. Trouble is, I can't decide what to do first?.......maybe an Angel wordbook in Christmas colors.......maybe a Santa one in Santa papers?..........maybe a cup of tea first to help the decision-making process to kick-in? Throw in a couple of biscuits (that's cookies to my American friends!) and I'm there!!!!

Bye for now,