Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas is coming...and so is the snow!

Hi! Well, it's official....Wal-Mart have their Christmas tree up on SR64 in Bradenton, Florida so Christmas must be coming!!!!! (I was just a little concerned when I saw the man swinging from a high ladder trying to attach the top of the tree to the rafters in Wal-Mart's roof, but no news of any accidents in the store so he must have been OK! It's a long way up there....meaning it's a very long way down!!!)

So, back to my story! When a custom order came into my Etsy store for snowy white Christmas gift tags, it spurred me into thinking "I need to get cracking!! (A very English saying for "get a move on!") Christmas will be here and you won't be ready!" (Note to self - Didn't think about it before that when you speak to yourself it gets put in speech marks when you blog it! Should I be concerned then that my own internal thinking is officially speaking to myself??? And as such, could be construed as weird?????? Need to find time to ponder on that one later!! With all that's going on between now and Christmas, I may have to stay "weird" until after Christmas!!)

Anyways, so I ran to my Cricut Design Studio package.....OK, I sat down in the leather chair at my PC and flicked a switch!.....and got creating! I set about creating a SNOW wordbook. Never done it before, but I love the look of those books! I couldn't decide whether to leave it plain or decorate looked so sad plain, so I got out my punches, embellishments and stickers and set to work! With the snowman under the transparency on the front, it looks as if he's really outside in the snow! With the frosted window effect I made over the inside of the letter O, if looks like a frosted window, all snowed up and chilly!! You can just imagine breathing on it and  causing the pane to frost over! There's prismatic snowflakes that shimmer and shine....there's tags for notes and journalling and photo mats for those treasured's a snowy delight! All you have to do is add your photos! Yay!

I'm so pleased with the result and wanted to share it with you. Here's some pictures:

I've just listed this on Etsy. Here's the link!

I'm so inspired, I'm off to do more. Trouble is, I can't decide what to do first?.......maybe an Angel wordbook in Christmas colors.......maybe a Santa one in Santa papers?..........maybe a cup of tea first to help the decision-making process to kick-in? Throw in a couple of biscuits (that's cookies to my American friends!) and I'm there!!!!

Bye for now,

Friday, October 28, 2011

Phew...what a week it's been!

Hello-ween to one and all! (I know, corny, but it has to be done! Right?!)

Well, each year, I try to remind myself at about this time, that life is gonna be hectic for a bit, so just go with it! And each year, middle to late October comes, life turns into a whirling dervish and my life goes into one big tailspin!!!!!!

Fortunately, I've yet to spin out of control....but it could just be a matter of time!! Only kidding - I hope! In truth, I LOVE this time of year! I've been thinking about all the things that make it really special. Maybe some of these are your favorites too! Here's a list, in no particular order, but all seem so frightfully important just the same!!!

Fall; Halloween; the darkening evenings and cool mornings (it's Florida so it is more cool than cold!!....although we've had some cold, crisp and even mornings these last couple of winters so anything is possible!!); the multitude of houses decorated with orange and black, weird headstones and ghostly things that go bump in the night!; CANDY - oh yes, who can forget the candy!!; trick or treating; apples; apple cider; candy apples; pumpkins; CANDY - did I mention that already?!.......the list just goes on and on....and we've not even got to Christmas yet!...that delight with all the shopping, mall bustling and late night venturing to anywhere that's open and sells the one item your little darling wants so yet to arrive!!

Well, the one thing I haven't mentioned that also takes place at this time is my twin daughters' birthday party! Two of 'em, both born on the same day, both looking forward to a party, also this week and all that it has to bring!

So, you see now why my life is so busy at right about this time!


1) a birthday to prepare, buy for, share with and clean up after!
2) a birthday party to prepare, invite, buy for, share with and clean up after a houseful of girls! There's goody bags to prepare, a theme to come up with, cakes to bake (which I'm doing in between typing this! Last count - 34 done!), pinata to stuff and wonder how on earth to hang it from the lanai, pin the candle on the cupcake poster to design/draw (knew the art would come in somewhere in this blog posting!), presents to wrap in a multitude of layers so they look huge and very interesting (we are a typically English family so "pass the parcel" is a must at any kids party!!), and that doesn't begin to cover the thank you's.....
3) Halloween - costumes to think about, decide upon, try-on, buy and then wonder about where it can be worn to get the most use out of this annual purchase because it sure won't fit the kids next year!
4) School parties - Halloween/Fall parties (did I mention I'm baking 30 cupcakes for a Fall party this year? So, my count of 34 done is somewhat short of my total...another 30 to go tonight!).

NOW you  might understand why this time of year becomes a whirl of parties/events and things that need to be baked/crafted/prepared for. So, now I know why I craft....because if I couldn't and didn't, imagine the price of having to buy/get someone else to do it! So, my time is short, the events are numerous, but I take just a snip of satisfaction in knowing that I did as much of it as I could, myself.

As I'm writing this, I notice that my house smells of vanilla cupcakes. The kids have gone to bed, begging for "just one more"! "There's always tomorrow" I tell them, with a shooshing as I whisk them off to bed so I can bake some more! My husband is sound asleep on the couch. And what about me??? I'm about to finish that last batch before I sit down with a cup of tea....and maybe a small treat of a cupcake for myself! With 64 cupcakes in my kitchen?......who on earth is gonna notice if I eat just one????!

Thanks for stopping by! Tune in for more delights next time!! :)


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Molly's Scrapbook Supply

Hi all! I'm all for helping others to promote so here's a blog of a fellow Ninja friend who I met via Etsy. She has wonderful scrapbooking supplies so for all you fellow scrappers, go check her out!

Here's her blog - she's doing a give-away so GO OVER, LEAVE A COMMENT AND YOU MIGHT WIN!

Alternately, here's her Etsy store.....

Let's help support each other!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My website is working, it's live and it's fab!!!!!

Hi! I finally oozy-baloozy did it!!!! I've been putting it off and putting it a baby, too scared to make the leap! Then after finally (shockingly!) realizing it wouldn't do it by itself, I dove straight in....and can you believe it, after all the angst, procrastination and hair-tearing, it only took a little over 2 hours!!! Am I just amazing or is it more that technology is so fast progressing that things don't take that long anymore?! Who knows?....who cares?....I just know I DID IT!

OK, so it's not completely finished. OK, so my products are still all on Etsy. OK, so you can't actually buy on it yet. BUT, Phase 1 is complete and Phase 2 is in the planning stage. 

SO, what am I talking about? Well, I guess the blog post title gave it away somewhat(!), but I'm talking (and very proudly I might add!) about my website! It's perfect; it is all the colors I wanted but wondered if I'd ever manage to get the color palette right; it switches and swooshes from page to's like a new addition to my family. It's mine, all mine and I did it!!!!! Here's the link. PLEASE go check it out. Give me feedback if you can....every little bit helps! :)

OK, so maybe now I am getting a little carried away, but I can't begin to tell you the relief of knowing that something is now out there to promote my stuff. Besides Etsy, Facebook, word of mouth and friendly recommendations. It's's's like a weight's been lifted and a huge item has finally been taken off my "to do list"! WOW!

So, maybe now I can hang up my hat and take a well earned rest.........oh I wish! Now it's only just begun! There's my items and products to promote on the site; there's maintenance when (Heaven smile brightly!) things sell and need to be replaced and removed; there's tweaking and twitching (?) the pictures and content; and of course, there's PHASE 2!!!!!

Ah, Phase 2....the bit when I actually need to get the wheels spinning and the products for sale on the site rather than just on Etsy. The inserting, listing, pricing and the whole world of shopping carts, payment methods and shipping! 

WELL, maybe I've not conquered so much after all. There's still tons to do. BUT, Phase 1 is complete, and for that, I think I deserve a well-earned cup of tea! (Well, I am English, after all!!)

Thanks for stopping by! To know you're there and taking an interest is what spurs me onto bigger and greater things!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hi all! I've just made it  - passing the magical 100 items listed on Etsy! Heaven knows it's taken some time and a lot of hard work, but I feel a real sense of achievement that I DID IT!!!

Here's a few photos of some of my recent stuff.....just to add some color and spice to my blogging!! :)

Tags, die cuts and stickers for all those Christmas crafts you're bound to start soon!

 Baby girl and baby boy scrapbooks and stickers:


There's tons more (at least 96!) on my Etsy site so go check it out! 

Remember, here's the link!!

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bradenton Art Show - I was there!!

Hi! It's been a while since I appeared at the last art show, but decided to venture out and test the waters again! And so, yesterday dawned cool and sunny....perfect for sitting out in the Florida air and enjoying the morning! In true English fashion, all I needed was a bacon buttie (a bacon sandwich!!) and a mug of tea! What I got was a cold cup of tea (by the time I'd put my stall items on display even in my travel cup the tea was cold!) and a cereal bar!!!! I guess one can but dream about warm bacon butties dripping with ketchup and hot butter!!!!!

I met my good friend Kathryn at one such event a couple of years ago (still without the bacon butties I might add! :)  ). She then had the stall right next to me and we've been firm friends ever since! Such that, we now do these things together!! Here's our stall.....a riot of color and fantastic art!!...and that's just my side! :).....Kathryn's is much more put together and tastefully eclectic! :)  I have to give her credit for the camera was a bit wonky yesterday and the results don't really do us  justice!!

Check out Kathryn's blog for her slant on the day, and have a look at her wonderful art. She's a true artist and paints pictures...unlike me where I just play with paper and yarn! :)

Here's a couple of close-ups of my stuff. These came out a little better....the sun didn't seem to get in the way on these shots!!

All in all, a great time.....and got talking to some wonderful customers! Met a few people who are budding crafters like me, as well as a couple of folks who fell in love with my latest creation.....a scarf using yarn from Eastern Europe. You'll have to keep watching my blog to see the end result of that one....only a third of the way through it and whilst I try to hurry it up, it does seem to be taking its time!!

Thanks for tuning in!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life's a Beach - isn't it?!

Hi all! Been busy trying to build up my portfolio and seem to be racing from one art project to another!! My latest endeavour is another collage on canvas piece. Living so close to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, and the huge variety of shells that can be found here, I've been wanting for some time to try to capture that lazy, hazy days of summer feel...with a few local shells thrown into the mix! Here's the resulting work:

Set on a 12" x 12" canvas which has been covered in light brown acrylic paint, I've then used scrapbooking paper for the background, along with embellishments and shells to create a sense of depth and to complete the design. 

 It really does convey the sense of relaxation, and summery beach days!

This art piece is perfect just to place on the wall, or could be used to show your own photos of the beach - just mount them and display! 

That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paper Flowers - make or buy? - an update!

WOW! It seems my paper flowers have been well received in the Etsy world!! The Iced Green ones, which were the ones in the first picture in the previous post, have just been selected for an Etsy treasury list! I feel humbled and honored!

Check out the treasury listing on's cool, and the colors chosen are beautiful! Here's the link...

Oh, check out the comments below the treasury listing too! There I was, deliberating whether to make or buy, use or sell, and it seems I made the right decision to make and sell! One posting says, and I quote...."those paper flowers are gorgeous and really did she do that?"  

Thanks for stopping by! Off to brag some more! :)


Paper Flowers - make or buy?

Hi everyone! I've been doing some research of late....notably in the area of how to make your own paper flowers! You know the ones I mean? Those spiralled, handrolled little paper flowers that look just darling on a multitude of projects. So, they stick out somewhat and make closing scrapbooks a little awkward and cards a little more than is big enough to successfully close the envelope....but they just look so darn cute!!! I seem to spend a fortune in Michaels, Jo-Ann's and even Wal-Mart(!) so thought it time to try this for myself. How hard can it be, I thought???!

So, armed with different types of paper, different sizes of paper and several types of different scissors, I set off to play....OK, so only in front of the TV (which I got tut-tutted about because the fancy scissors make a bit of a  noise when they cut!) but at least I got the chance to experiment!...and yes, make a mess!!

I found that cardstock works best. Paper is OK, but a bit flimsy and with no substantial "staying-up power"! Also found that double-sided cardstock is a must.....nothing worse than a pretty design on the inside but it looks just white from the outside!! Also, I seem to be liking the scalloped edge scissors at the moment, although should probably try the plain old round edge...but can't help thinking that's a bit boring!! Seem to have settled on a 4" square which results in a nice even flower about 11/4" round.

In short, it wasn't half as difficult as I thought and with a shot of glue to complete, they look pretty good! If I am so modest as to say so myself!

Take a look at how they come out! I was so impressed, I decided to list them on Etsy. Well, they're cheaper than the store bought ones and I can custom make them for you in any color or size you want. Michaels don't offer that flexibility!!! I even played around with some inks....thought the distressed look might look good and grungy and it does! My, those distress inks are so good for this sort of thing!!!

Here goes:

 Check out all my listings on Etsy. Not only paper flowers but also scrapbooks, cards, scarves...the list goes on. Here's the link to the paper flowers section:

Thanks for coming by! 'Till next time,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween....spooky, scary and things that go bump in the night!

Hi everybody! Have you missed me???! To say I've been offline for a while is a bit of an understatement! Internet problems sorted and I'm now back online...just trying to recreate the momentum I'd built up before I got lost in the wires and plug-ins of the cable world! All that downtime did give me plenty of time to dedicate to my crafting world though! I've been busy and have been working on building up my scrapbook portfolio. I've just added a whole bunch of mini scrapbooks to my Etsy site. Check them out at:
(or click on the Scrapbooks tab above!)

They are perfect memory holders, and so cheap and cheerful. They make perfect gifts for grandparents and are just divine to pop in your purse and bring them out when you feel the need to brag! In short, a mini super-de-douper brag book!! 

Here's a few pictures of what I've been up to! 

Ready for Halloween yet???

School's Back!!!!!.....and I've not let the occasion slip by! Pick a mini bragbook to showcase your precious ones most memorable moments of last year....whatever their grade, I've a book just for you! Kindergaren, 1st Gr, 2nd Gr, 3rd Gr, 4th Gr and 5th Grade....they are all there. Get to it......before they get forgotten and filed in that "job to do" list!!! Here's a 3rd Gr sample.....well, my girls are in 3rd Gr so it seemed appropriate!

Don't you just love the chalkboard effect on the cover?....reminiscing......or is it just age defining?!! :)

Off to play with some paper and inks!

SOOO glad to be back and looking forward to blogging more often!!

Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall isn't far off!

Hi! It's getting close to the time of year when school goes back and people start to think of all the holidays that will soon be among us. Yep - fall isn't far off!

To any crafter, now is the time to start thinking of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a busy time and I have to admit, my absolute favorite time of the year!! :)

Each year I feel that once school restarts, it's like being on a sliding slope, heading all the way to December 31st and New Year's Eve! It's fast, there's tons going on, it's a time when people come together and it's just great fun!

In preparation, I've been busy knitting! Whilst this time of year happens to be the busiest for many, it also happens to be getting colder!! Those crisp early mornings when you're trying to get to work/get your kids out the door for school.....the nip in the air that announces winter is next!!!

Here's some of the scarves I've made. I've opted to try something different this time, going for a curly-twirly look! I have to say they were fun to make and look just "cool" either draped around your neck to keep out the chill (and at a generous c54", there's plenty to drape!!) or left hanging in tendrils, completing the look of that new Fall outfit or even winter coat that you've just purchased!

Take a look at some of the wonderful colors I found. The first I called Shades of Caramel - reminds me of all those caramel apples at Halloween!

Then there's Shades of Red - what more of a Christmas color could you ask for?
Closely followed by Shades of Coffee - you need something to warm up in the chilly mornings!
And finally, shades of Pink - just because every girl likes pink!

Enjoy! And check out my Etsy store to see the listings in their full potential!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Facebook - yay!'s up and running!!!

Hi! Well, I've been gonna and I've been gonna.......sort out my FB page that is!!! I keep getting told "it's the way of the future and the way to better promote".....just more techno to learn as far as I can see!!!

HOWEVER, I mastered my fear, rolled up my sleeves, opened the HELP forum and....I was off!!

If I said I felt like I spent the day yesterday fumbling in the dark looking for the light switch (!), it wouldn't be far off the mark!! :)

BUT, I persevered! I maintained that stiff upper (British!) lip even though at times I felt like throwing the PC out the window/hitting the fridge for a beer (not a good idea before 12noon, but as the song goes...It's 12 O'Clock Somewhere!!)/giving up and going to bed!!!

Then, sometime late yesterday afternoon, the "Yahoo's" could be heard from sunny Bradenton all the way to even sunnier NYC!! Yep....I did it!

And so, here it is....the link so that you can all see how my hard work and persistency paid off!

Feel free to click on through and take a look. I've just mastered getting my Etsy shop up on there too! I actually feel quite proud of myself! In fact, I'm still reveling in the sense of satisfaction, so off for a beer to celebrate!!


See ya!

Monday, August 1, 2011


So, do you Journal?????

It seems there's two camps in this debate. Now, whilst that may seem obvious (it's either YES or NO, isn't it?) it's actually not quite that simple!!! Or should I say....not that Black and White?!!! For, it appears, you either DO, and do so diligently, or you DON'T, and don't at all! ME???? I sort of fall in the latter camp....but that's only because I've barely enough time to write a shopping list, let alone fill in a journal each day!!! I figured I could be in the exempt pile......on the grounds I make them and so have even less time to actually write in them anymore!!!

On that note, I've started decorating notebooks that others can use for a myriad of purposes. A journal is the most obvious choice, but these little books are an ideal size to slip in your purse and use for any occasion that comes to hand. Maybe......
  1. Store all those little quirky quotes that your kids say which you then can't remember when they are older!
  2. To jot down that all important shopping list!
  3. Jot down thoughts you might have in the day for the latest project you're working on. Maybe it's the design of a fab piece of art you're planning to start; maybe it's the layout for that next scrapbook page!
  4. Your to-do list!
  5. Your thoughts, your dreams, your desires.
  6. Or, maybe it's good to just have in your purse because those occasions always arise when you just need something to write on!!!
The pages are lined and the journal, being 5" x 7" in size, gives loads of room for all those thoughts and dreams!

Here's some photos of 3 journals I've completed so far.

The first incorporates a vintage-esque design, with swirly oranges and reds, sheer ribbons and stamps of ladies' vintage dresses and shoes with swirls and curls to boot! Inside, is a generous sized tag for you to personalize and hide away in the secret folder! 

The second incorporates my hand-decorated paper which is inked and distressed in greens and blues. The flowers and dragonfly, along with the sheer and pretty colored ribbons, give this journal a summery feel, and for sure we all know summer is here at the moment with the raging temperatures many of us are experiencing!! This journal also has a hidden tag on the inside cover, left for you to personalize. 

The third is a more subtle design, using the art of embossing and chalking to "draw" the picture from the cardstock. The little red bird, sitting on the grass stalk, surrounded by ladybugs also lends a summery feel. The stronger ribbon colors used help to draw out the reds and yellows of the bugs, creating an effective look. Another hidden tag on the inside cover, with room for personalization, completes the look.

These little treasures will soon be listed on Etsy. Be sure to stop by and took a look!

Thanks for popping in!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Have been hard at work!

Hi! I've just listed some more of my canvas pieces on Etsy. The first one below, took some thinking about, but I finally got it to look exactly how I wanted! 

I titled this one "Blessings".....what more of a blessing than a mother's love to a child? I saw this picture recently of a mother and her child and wondered what I could do with it to turn it into something special. I got inspiration from the fact it shows a mother reading to her child. I've always read to my children, right from the time they were very small. I believe that if you read well, you learn well, and that reading is most often the number one basis of acquiring knowledge. However, reading is something that we shouldn't take for granted, although many of us tend to! In this way it reminds me of a mother's love.....a basic and fundamental thing that we all take for granted but would miss terribly if it ceased to be. 

So, what do you think?!

It's strange how some pieces can come together quickly and some not so easily! This next collage just fell into being within a matter of minutes. I love the color mix on this one! 

I called this one "Cherish". The definition quoted refers to nurturing and protecting. Another children theme.....don't we all love to nurture and protect the children in our lives?? If only we could all adopt this to one another too..........what a better world we could create if we did!

As a reminder, my Etsy shop is at:

I've ideas for loads more collage on canvas items so keep dropping by the store. As I complete them, so I'll be listing them!

Thanks for following!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hope, the thing that without which, most of us would struggle to get by! For no matter how tough life gets, it's hope for a better day, hope for a better future, and hope that maybe tomorrow will bring us a miracle, that helps us to get out of bed the next day!

On that note, I chose to make this next collage to remind myself that there's always Hope and that things could be so much worse. Life is tough for many at the moment and everyday I try to count my blessings rather than my problems! Sometimes it might seem as if the latter are more than the former, but in general, most of us have much to be thankful for.

I started with some scraps of paper I thought worked well together. I Mod-Podged a background piece of cardstock and then added the scraps on top.
The Mod-Podge acts as a glue and sealer all in one and dries clear. It's a fab product!

After it all dried, I attached the newly-made background to the painted canvas. I distressed and inked the "HOPE" caption to a piece of brown cardstock, which I duly inked around the edges to give it some definition. I finished it off by sealing it with a sealant to protect it from fading and dust! 
I mounted the message on foam squares to raise it from the background and added a 3D butterfly embellishment to the top left-hand corner. 
This picture show you the 3D effect of it all:
And so my work is finished!

My project is soon to be listed, so take a quick peek if you have the time! Here's the link:

Thanks for following and see you next time!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

20% Sale on Christmas Themed Items in My Etsy Shop!

Hi! Another post about Christmas, I know, but with the school holidays now half over here in Florida, it won't be long before the first days of Fall appear...and then it's the quick slide down to December 25th!!!! GULP!

So....I've put all my Christmas themed items listed on Etsy, ON SALE! A whopping 20% off, and if you're like me and love to bag a bargain, then have a look at some samples below and then take the link beneath to visit my shop!

Here's some things to whet your appetite and get you in that warm, fuzzy Christmassy mood. Egg nog, anyone? :)

My Etsy shop can be found at:

Happy browsing....and hopefully happy shopping!! :)

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