Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall isn't far off!

Hi! It's getting close to the time of year when school goes back and people start to think of all the holidays that will soon be among us. Yep - fall isn't far off!

To any crafter, now is the time to start thinking of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a busy time and I have to admit, my absolute favorite time of the year!! :)

Each year I feel that once school restarts, it's like being on a sliding slope, heading all the way to December 31st and New Year's Eve! It's fast, there's tons going on, it's a time when people come together and it's just great fun!

In preparation, I've been busy knitting! Whilst this time of year happens to be the busiest for many, it also happens to be getting colder!! Those crisp early mornings when you're trying to get to work/get your kids out the door for school.....the nip in the air that announces winter is next!!!

Here's some of the scarves I've made. I've opted to try something different this time, going for a curly-twirly look! I have to say they were fun to make and look just "cool" either draped around your neck to keep out the chill (and at a generous c54", there's plenty to drape!!) or left hanging in tendrils, completing the look of that new Fall outfit or even winter coat that you've just purchased!

Take a look at some of the wonderful colors I found. The first I called Shades of Caramel - reminds me of all those caramel apples at Halloween!

Then there's Shades of Red - what more of a Christmas color could you ask for?
Closely followed by Shades of Coffee - you need something to warm up in the chilly mornings!
And finally, shades of Pink - just because every girl likes pink!

Enjoy! And check out my Etsy store to see the listings in their full potential!!


As always, thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Facebook - yay!....it's up and running!!!

Hi! Well, I've been gonna and I've been gonna.......sort out my FB page that is!!! I keep getting told "it's the way of the future and the way to better promote".....just more techno to learn as far as I can see!!!

HOWEVER, I mastered my fear, rolled up my sleeves, opened the HELP forum and....I was off!!

If I said I felt like I spent the day yesterday fumbling in the dark looking for the light switch (!), it wouldn't be far off the mark!! :)

BUT, I persevered! I maintained that stiff upper (British!) lip even though at times I felt like throwing the PC out the window/hitting the fridge for a beer (not a good idea before 12noon, but as the song goes...It's 12 O'Clock Somewhere!!)/giving up and going to bed!!!

Then, sometime late yesterday afternoon, the "Yahoo's" could be heard from sunny Bradenton all the way to even sunnier NYC!! Yep....I did it!

And so, here it is....the link so that you can all see how my hard work and persistency paid off!

Feel free to click on through and take a look. I've just mastered getting my Etsy shop up on there too! I actually feel quite proud of myself! In fact, I'm still reveling in the sense of satisfaction, so off for a beer to celebrate!!



See ya!

Monday, August 1, 2011


So, do you Journal?????

It seems there's two camps in this debate. Now, whilst that may seem obvious (it's either YES or NO, isn't it?) it's actually not quite that simple!!! Or should I say....not that Black and White?!!! For, it appears, you either DO, and do so diligently, or you DON'T, and don't at all! ME???? I sort of fall in the latter camp....but that's only because I've barely enough time to write a shopping list, let alone fill in a journal each day!!! I figured I could be in the exempt pile......on the grounds I make them and so have even less time to actually write in them anymore!!!

On that note, I've started decorating notebooks that others can use for a myriad of purposes. A journal is the most obvious choice, but these little books are an ideal size to slip in your purse and use for any occasion that comes to hand. Maybe......
  1. Store all those little quirky quotes that your kids say which you then can't remember when they are older!
  2. To jot down that all important shopping list!
  3. Jot down thoughts you might have in the day for the latest project you're working on. Maybe it's the design of a fab piece of art you're planning to start; maybe it's the layout for that next scrapbook page!
  4. Your to-do list!
  5. Your thoughts, your dreams, your desires.
  6. Or, maybe it's good to just have in your purse because those occasions always arise when you just need something to write on!!!
The pages are lined and the journal, being 5" x 7" in size, gives loads of room for all those thoughts and dreams!

Here's some photos of 3 journals I've completed so far.

The first incorporates a vintage-esque design, with swirly oranges and reds, sheer ribbons and stamps of ladies' vintage dresses and shoes with swirls and curls to boot! Inside, is a generous sized tag for you to personalize and hide away in the secret folder! 

The second incorporates my hand-decorated paper which is inked and distressed in greens and blues. The flowers and dragonfly, along with the sheer and pretty colored ribbons, give this journal a summery feel, and for sure we all know summer is here at the moment with the raging temperatures many of us are experiencing!! This journal also has a hidden tag on the inside cover, left for you to personalize. 

The third is a more subtle design, using the art of embossing and chalking to "draw" the picture from the cardstock. The little red bird, sitting on the grass stalk, surrounded by ladybugs also lends a summery feel. The stronger ribbon colors used help to draw out the reds and yellows of the bugs, creating an effective look. Another hidden tag on the inside cover, with room for personalization, completes the look.

These little treasures will soon be listed on Etsy. Be sure to stop by and took a look!

Thanks for popping in!