Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bradenton Art Show - I was there!!

Hi! It's been a while since I appeared at the last art show, but decided to venture out and test the waters again! And so, yesterday dawned cool and sunny....perfect for sitting out in the Florida air and enjoying the morning! In true English fashion, all I needed was a bacon buttie (a bacon sandwich!!) and a mug of tea! What I got was a cold cup of tea (by the time I'd put my stall items on display even in my travel cup the tea was cold!) and a cereal bar!!!! I guess one can but dream about warm bacon butties dripping with ketchup and hot butter!!!!!

I met my good friend Kathryn at one such event a couple of years ago (still without the bacon butties I might add! :)  ). She then had the stall right next to me and we've been firm friends ever since! Such that, we now do these things together!! Here's our stall.....a riot of color and fantastic art!!...and that's just my side! :).....Kathryn's is much more put together and tastefully eclectic! :)  I have to give her credit for the camera was a bit wonky yesterday and the results don't really do us  justice!!

Check out Kathryn's blog for her slant on the day, and have a look at her wonderful art. She's a true artist and paints pictures...unlike me where I just play with paper and yarn! :)

Here's a couple of close-ups of my stuff. These came out a little better....the sun didn't seem to get in the way on these shots!!

All in all, a great time.....and got talking to some wonderful customers! Met a few people who are budding crafters like me, as well as a couple of folks who fell in love with my latest creation.....a scarf using yarn from Eastern Europe. You'll have to keep watching my blog to see the end result of that one....only a third of the way through it and whilst I try to hurry it up, it does seem to be taking its time!!

Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. Great blogpost, Wendy. You're a true storyteller =)It was a gorgeous day, and wonderful to spend time with my bestie !!