Thursday, October 20, 2011

My website is working, it's live and it's fab!!!!!

Hi! I finally oozy-baloozy did it!!!! I've been putting it off and putting it a baby, too scared to make the leap! Then after finally (shockingly!) realizing it wouldn't do it by itself, I dove straight in....and can you believe it, after all the angst, procrastination and hair-tearing, it only took a little over 2 hours!!! Am I just amazing or is it more that technology is so fast progressing that things don't take that long anymore?! Who knows?....who cares?....I just know I DID IT!

OK, so it's not completely finished. OK, so my products are still all on Etsy. OK, so you can't actually buy on it yet. BUT, Phase 1 is complete and Phase 2 is in the planning stage. 

SO, what am I talking about? Well, I guess the blog post title gave it away somewhat(!), but I'm talking (and very proudly I might add!) about my website! It's perfect; it is all the colors I wanted but wondered if I'd ever manage to get the color palette right; it switches and swooshes from page to's like a new addition to my family. It's mine, all mine and I did it!!!!! Here's the link. PLEASE go check it out. Give me feedback if you can....every little bit helps! :)

OK, so maybe now I am getting a little carried away, but I can't begin to tell you the relief of knowing that something is now out there to promote my stuff. Besides Etsy, Facebook, word of mouth and friendly recommendations. It's's's like a weight's been lifted and a huge item has finally been taken off my "to do list"! WOW!

So, maybe now I can hang up my hat and take a well earned rest.........oh I wish! Now it's only just begun! There's my items and products to promote on the site; there's maintenance when (Heaven smile brightly!) things sell and need to be replaced and removed; there's tweaking and twitching (?) the pictures and content; and of course, there's PHASE 2!!!!!

Ah, Phase 2....the bit when I actually need to get the wheels spinning and the products for sale on the site rather than just on Etsy. The inserting, listing, pricing and the whole world of shopping carts, payment methods and shipping! 

WELL, maybe I've not conquered so much after all. There's still tons to do. BUT, Phase 1 is complete, and for that, I think I deserve a well-earned cup of tea! (Well, I am English, after all!!)

Thanks for stopping by! To know you're there and taking an interest is what spurs me onto bigger and greater things!


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  1. Yay!! You have me laughing and laughing =D Well done!!! Kathryn