Thursday, August 4, 2011

Facebook - yay!'s up and running!!!

Hi! Well, I've been gonna and I've been gonna.......sort out my FB page that is!!! I keep getting told "it's the way of the future and the way to better promote".....just more techno to learn as far as I can see!!!

HOWEVER, I mastered my fear, rolled up my sleeves, opened the HELP forum and....I was off!!

If I said I felt like I spent the day yesterday fumbling in the dark looking for the light switch (!), it wouldn't be far off the mark!! :)

BUT, I persevered! I maintained that stiff upper (British!) lip even though at times I felt like throwing the PC out the window/hitting the fridge for a beer (not a good idea before 12noon, but as the song goes...It's 12 O'Clock Somewhere!!)/giving up and going to bed!!!

Then, sometime late yesterday afternoon, the "Yahoo's" could be heard from sunny Bradenton all the way to even sunnier NYC!! Yep....I did it!

And so, here it is....the link so that you can all see how my hard work and persistency paid off!

Feel free to click on through and take a look. I've just mastered getting my Etsy shop up on there too! I actually feel quite proud of myself! In fact, I'm still reveling in the sense of satisfaction, so off for a beer to celebrate!!


See ya!

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