Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fall isn't far off!

Hi! It's getting close to the time of year when school goes back and people start to think of all the holidays that will soon be among us. Yep - fall isn't far off!

To any crafter, now is the time to start thinking of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a busy time and I have to admit, my absolute favorite time of the year!! :)

Each year I feel that once school restarts, it's like being on a sliding slope, heading all the way to December 31st and New Year's Eve! It's fast, there's tons going on, it's a time when people come together and it's just great fun!

In preparation, I've been busy knitting! Whilst this time of year happens to be the busiest for many, it also happens to be getting colder!! Those crisp early mornings when you're trying to get to work/get your kids out the door for school.....the nip in the air that announces winter is next!!!

Here's some of the scarves I've made. I've opted to try something different this time, going for a curly-twirly look! I have to say they were fun to make and look just "cool" either draped around your neck to keep out the chill (and at a generous c54", there's plenty to drape!!) or left hanging in tendrils, completing the look of that new Fall outfit or even winter coat that you've just purchased!

Take a look at some of the wonderful colors I found. The first I called Shades of Caramel - reminds me of all those caramel apples at Halloween!

Then there's Shades of Red - what more of a Christmas color could you ask for?
Closely followed by Shades of Coffee - you need something to warm up in the chilly mornings!
And finally, shades of Pink - just because every girl likes pink!

Enjoy! And check out my Etsy store to see the listings in their full potential!!


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  1. Very nice scarves. I usually start crocheting in the fall since I am one of those who can't sit still even when I am watching TV. Scarves and afghans are great for this. Wish I could knit though. :-)