Friday, July 15, 2011

It's a Boy!

Hi everybody! I wanted to share with you my latest fait accompli! This little book has taken a while to put together but I think it's so cute! Just don't know any new little baby boys to give it to at present! :)

My love of scrapbooking has fast turned into more than a hobby! I wanted to be able to offer those who love the look of a home-made scrapbook but don't have the time to do their own, an opportunity to get that home-made look without all the hard work! What better way to start than with a mini-album.....but this one's hardly small on effect!

The result? - a 5 (double-sided) page scrapbook that will proudly display those first photos of the new baby! Each page is adorned with a variety of motifs, stickers, sentiments, embellishments, journal tags, inkings, photo mats.....and more! There's plenty of room to write all those first thoughts and comments. Tied off with a blue bow to keep it all together. Take a look!....

It did take some time to put together, but was fairly simple in design and execution! Just a matter of painting up a chipboard album in blue acrylic paint, designing each page in turn using blue cardstock as a base, adding all the embellishments, stickers and wot-nots(!) and then putting it all together! See - I said it was easy!! 

Off to play with the next project!! See you soon!....and..........thanks for following!

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is PRECIOUS...and so much love put into all the details. Great job!!