Friday, July 8, 2011

Ongoing Project!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share with you my ongoing project! It's one of those things I work on when it's quiet at night and I've finally found some time to sit in front of the tv!

I fell in love with this yarn when I discovered it in the UK all those years back, before I left to move to Florida. It's soft, fluffy and traps the air so keeps you incredibly warm! I figured it would make a fab scarf, so gave it a go!

I first started out with a brown and cream color variation, which I still wear some 6 years later! As you can see, this one is a wonderfully warm mix of purples with a dash of pink. So far, I reckon I'm about two thirds completed - it will be some 48" long when finished. 

As you can see, this yarn is very fine and has metallic fibers in it to give it a sheen. It also has tissue-thin fabric eyelashes which give it that chunky look. I think it's a darling yarn and although a little fiddly to work with, it works up looking divine!

I've also got one completed in a cream and blush-pink color combination. All soon to be added to Etsy, if you want to check them out!

As always, thanks for following!



  1. Mmmmm...this purple is delicious =) Kathryn

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I got your request to be in the blog directory - please send me your email address so I can give you the details on how to be listed.