Friday, July 8, 2011

New Baby Girl!

Hi everybody! I wanted to share with you my latest piece of work. Whilst it's not celebrating a new arrival in my immediate family  ;-)  they say that on average there are 245 babies born every minute in the US, so somebody must be celebrating right this minute....and the next minute.....and the next!

As before, collage on canvas but this time with more of a scrapbook feel to it! For those scrapbook and paper enthusiasts among us, this one is totally for you!   

So, how did I do it?!

  • As before, I used an 8"x10" canvas, stapled on the back. I used pink and white acrylic paints to create a stippled effect on the sides of the canvas - this should prevent the need for framing.
  • I then created a paper background by collaging various pieces of pink paper, some with hearts, some with flowers, some with cute girl phrases.
  • I added stamped pictures of a stork - well, it is a new baby after all! - and also stamped pictures of those cute little onesies!! 
  • I mod-podge'd all this together and let it dry. 
  • Well, they say patience is a virtue, but when creative ideas get into your head it's hard finding the patience to wait until that mod-podge dries before you can move to the next step! :-)
  • Satisfied it was finally dry, I tacky glue'd it onto the canvas.
  • I added scrunched tissue paper and a pink hearts ribbon to the lower edge, affixing a pink safety pin to the center.
  • I used collage stickers to create the title, "Baby Girl" and added a matching sticker of a monkey....aren't all little girls as cute as this little monkey???......or maybe they just grow into cheeky little monkeys! :-)
  • I added a photo mat to the center of the canvas so that a 6"x4" first baby photo could be included.

  • Final touches included a tag detailing " sleeping", pink sparkle butterfly to which I added pink pearls to decorate and collage flowers as corner accents.

I must admit, this turned out cute! Going to work on a baby boy one too!

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  1. This is precious, Wendy...and what a fabulous idea! I do love the cheeky monkey =) Kathryn